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plastic picnic chairs in the park

Advantages of Recycled Plastic Furniture over Wooden Ones

We need furniture such as tables, chairs, and stools in our daily life at home, in the park, in businesses, and other places. While it is common to have the furniture made from wood, we could have them from recycled plastics.

Below are some advantages of recycled plastic furniture over wooden products:


wooden table damaged by weather elementsWood is prone to swelling and shrinking as time passes. Consequently,the wood is likely to break and crack, posing significant risks of causing injuries to the users.The cracks also reduce its useful life.

Conversely, recycled plastic chairs are made to be hardy and do not swell, crack, or suffer other sorts of damage that may pose risks. As such, plastic furniture is not only durable but also safe for humans and animals.

Easy Maintenance

Wooden products need constant care and maintenance to preserve them and help them last longer. You will need to keep polishing them and doing frequent staining and sealing and other maintenance measures. However, plastic furniture is nearly maintenance-free and needs only some wiping to keep them clean. You do not need to keep maintaining them, thus save a lot of effort, time, and money.

Conserve the Environment

waste plastic disposed openlyRecycled plastic furniture is products of waste plastics such as milk containers, soft drink bottles, jugs, and others. Reusing these plastics help to clean the environment by using the non-decomposable plastics in a useful way.

Besides,reusing plastics helps to save many trees from being cut to produce wood to make furniture. The plastic products are an excellent substitute for wooden ones since we can even have shades of timber in those items.


Resistant to Weather Elements

Wooden furniture, especially the outdoor ones, are greatly affected by weather elements such as rain, humidity, and even extreme sunshine. As a result, the wood starts decomposing due to rain and humidity or may even shrink or get deformed when under the hot sun. Plastic furniture is designed to withstand all these elements without any damage. They also do get affected by molds, bacteria and other organisms unlike wooden ones


Since they are low maintenance, do not suffer damage, and last long, plastic furniture saves money in the long run compared to wood furniture.