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Tips on Preparing for College

Preparing for college can be a roller coaster of emotions. One day you are happy that you are going to college, and the next day, you are freaked out. The truth is that this is the right time to make decisions that will impact your future. Making the proper preparation can make college life smooth.

It can also help you to manage the anxiety that comes with life in college. When preparing for college, there is a lot of reading involved. If you are going to take ACTs, make sure that you prepare adequately. Here are some tips on preparing for college.

Study for College Prep Test

college preparationThe best gift you can give to yourself is to prepare for your ACT or SAT. it is important to prepare for your test as early as possible. Take time to register for all the tests and take all the necessary ACT Prep tests.

Doing adequate preparation will help you to avoid the last-minute rush. It is also a good way to do well in your test. Most colleges will look at your ACT or SAT, and getting a high test can help you stand out from the rest.

Do Your Research

It will help if you have a good idea of what you want to do. Take time to research so that you can understand what you would like to do in college. It is fine if you have different interests.

In case you have different interests, you can take time to research and experience to narrow down your options. Looking for mentors and reading books on what you would like to study can help you to narrow down your options.

Participate in Community Activities

Participating in community activities is encouraged when preparing for college. Do not just focus on studying. It is also a good idea to get involved in community cleaning, pet rescuing, and other activities.

When applying to college, they need to know that you are a well-rounded individual. Colleges need to admit students who have proved that they can excel both in class and outside the class.

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Compile Your College List

Compiling your college list is important so that you can make it easy during the application process. It is advisable to apply to many colleges even when you think that you cannot qualify.

When you apply to many colleges, you have a high chance of being accepted. It is also the best way to choose the type of college you want.

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Tips For Encouraging Positive Behaviour Among Students

Classroom behaviour is one of the major challenges which are faced by many teachers in the modern days. There are some disruptive behaviours in class which can lead to un-conducive learning environment and wastage of the precious teaching time. The process or nipping these behaviours problems is helpful in creating a conducive or a positive learning environment. As a teacher, there are many means and ways which can help you in encouraging a positive behaviour in your classroom. Described below are some of the effective guidelines and tips which can help you in bringing a positive behaviour amongst your students.


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Perseverance is an important regimen which should be deployed by every teacher. This will help you in bringing order, attentiveness, discipline, and sanity in your classroom. Teachers are discouraged from conducting classes when order is not restored. Persistence is, therefore, one of the most effective and fundaments tools that should be employed by every teacher.


Every teacher has a moral obligation and duty of recognizing, addressing, understanding as well as addressing the behavioral problems in their students. This should be done on gradual and consistent basis. This means that thought should be consistent, concerted and focuses. The teachers’ consistent efforts will play a key role in bringing a positive change in the students.


A good student should live to the teacher’s expectations. Every teacher has a responsibility of ensuring theta the students are behaving appropriately to create a conducive environment.


Teachers are required to have of envisaging the challenges encountered in the classroom. The process of visualizing bottlenecks and challenges is helpful in dealing with the unruly students.



Students should be provided with choices by their teachers. Students should be capable of making the right decision. Any student who makes the wrong choice will have to face the consequence. On the other hand, a good choice will always be rewarded and appreciated.


As a teacher, you should be capable of controlling your voice’s tenor and tone whenever you are conducting a classroom. The quality of the teacher’s voice will always determine how the students respond or react. A soothing and calm voice will make your students respond positively. A harsh voice will make your students repulsive.


Humour is one of the integral parts of the human lives. Everyone should be courageous enough to laugh and admit his or her mistake. Humour is an effective counterbalancing act which will help you whenever you are faced with some annoying situations.